Installing ODK Application Offline for Mobile Devs

NOTE: As of version 2.13, Offline install is now built-in to CommCareODK. Details are at Install CommCare for Android Smartphones.

  1. Navigate to your application on CommCareHQ

  2. Click "Deploy"

  3. On the deployment page, select "View Source Files" (need to be super/power user to do this)

  4. Download every resource file there (by right clicking) into a folder on your machine, creating the necessary folder structure (default, en, modules-X, etc)

  5. Copy this folder into your commcare-odk/assets folder in your Eclipse environment

  6. Uninstall CommCareODK from your device and push the most recent version from your dev env. Note that this creates an APK file in commcare-odk/bin which you can then give to other people to install both your build and your app.

  7. On CommCareODK, click ""Enter URL" from the home screen

  8. From the selector, choose "Raw." This will pre-populate the field with jr://asset/test/profile.ccpr

  9. Change this path to point to the profile.xml/profile.ccpr of your folder

  10. Select "Start Install"

NOTE: If your app has multimedia you will have to add it separately:

  1. Follow the process above. After pressing "Start Install," you should get an error about your media not being found. This error should reference the file path where CommCare is looking for your media.

  2. In CommCare, go to your application and select "Multimedia" from the left menu. From here, download the multimedia zip file.

  3. Connect your phone to your computer and turn on USB mode so you can transfer files.

  4. Move the multimedia files onto your phone, based on where the error message is looking for them.

  5. Go back to CommCare, which should automatically finish installing. If it doesn't, re-try the installation.