CommCare FAQs

This page hosts some of the most common Frequently Asked questions about CommCare, pointing you to the right part of the help site to get started.

Setting Up Your CommCare Application

Please read more here:

I’m getting an error while building my application. What do I do?

Check out this page to see if you can diagnose your application building error:

Managing Users

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What are the user limits?

A user is a CommCare installation on a device like a tablet or phone.  A web user, meaning someone who logs in to view CommCare to administer, view reports, or submit data via Web Apps does not count towards the user limit. The user limits are defined here.

How can I assign mobile workers and web users to each group so that they can’t access the other side’s data? E.g. the third party evaluation firm can export evaluation data but not project monitoring data.

Please see instructions at

Are usernames case-sensitive?

No, usernames are not case sensitive

Installing CommCare

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What kind of phone can deploy CommCare?

Please see here for more informationa about what phones to use with ComCare.

How do I set up my phones with CommCare?

Please see the following guidance here on how to and

Using CommCare

If the CommCare mobile application login expires within 24hrs, how can users login again if they are offline?

As long as you login the first time to the mobile device with internet access, logins in the future will not require internet.

Is there a limit to the number of surveys I can submit?

There is no limit to the number of surveys you can submit at any plan level. 

Does CommCare support SMS? How does it work?

Yes, CommCare supports SMS. you can read more about CommCare’s messaging capabilities here:

I have questions about my CommCare data

Please read more here: / /

IT Administrator Questions

See here for more information:

Can I setup my own CommCare server?

Yes. You can read more here:

Is the CommCare Website down?

You can see the real time status of CommCare here: or here

Can CommCare integrate with other systems?

Yes. You can learn more about CommCare’s integration options here:

Subscriptions and Pricing

How much does CommCare cost?

You can read more about CommCare’s pricing here:

You’re welcome to check out this page or contact

Can multiple projects use the same license, assuming they can see each others data?

We don't recommend sharing subscriptions for projects, it can create complications with data sharing and application configuration. If you are planning to have multiple projects working with the same users (e.g. nutrition and health apps for the same group of people) that would be an exception.

Troubleshooting and Support

Read more information here:

I think I found an issue in my CommCare app. How do I get help?

Instructions are at .

Does Dimagi offer services in addition to the included support? How much does it cost?

We have implementation services offered here.  These are onsite services and need to be scheduled in advance.  We also offer onboarding services. These are remote services, please email to inquire for more information.