Sample Supplemental Template App

"Germy": a sample supplemental template app

Germy (Learn & Play!) is an interactive mobile learning app about germs and the importance of handwashing. Using a Learn & Play structure, Germy first presents a student with lessons to learn, then provides the student with an opportunity to play a quizzing game to demonstrate what they've learned. It features multimedia, such as audio and images, and can easily be translated into multiple languages (presently available in English and Hindi text with Hindi audio). It was built and is hosted on the CommCare platform, and can be used on Java and Android devices.

Installing the App:

The following are instructions for how to download and use the English version (with Hindi audio) of this app on your Android device using our online installation process (note: CommCare supports offline installation as well - which is the fastest approach in low connectivity settings).

What you need:

  • An Android mobile device with access to the Internet or WiFi.

On your Android mobile device:

  1. Navigate to Google Play Store and download the latest version of “CommCare ODK” on your phone (icon displayed below). CommCare ODK is free. 
    (Note that downloading apps from the Play Store requires a Google account)

  2. Once downloaded, click on the CommCare icon to open it on your phone.

  3. Select either the “Install using URL” or “Scan the barcode” option (you must have a barcode scanner app installed on your phone to use the barcode installation option).



  4. Once you have entered the URL or scanned the barcode, select “Start Install”.

  5. Once the app is installed, login using - username: demo | password: 123.

  6. Once logged in, press the “Start” button to enter the application.

We hope you enjoy exploring Germy!