Deprecated - Downgrading CommCare to the Old UI

On November 5 2015 we will officially stop active development for the Old UI and the New UI will become the only release available via the Play Store.

Users that want to continue on the Old UI should be sure to disable auto updates in the Google Play Store

If you already updated and want to downgrade back to the Old UI, please follow the instructions below:

  1. In CommCare, be sure to successfully sync your users with the HQ server to ensure no data is lost. 

  2. Uninstall any current installations of CommCare ODK that are currently installed on the phone

  3. On the phone's home screen, press Menu -> Settings -> Applications and ensure that Unknown sources is checked
    (In some phones and tablets, you will have to press Menu -> Security and scroll down to ensure that Unknown sources is checked)

  4. Download the CommCare APK for the Old UI to your computer by clicking this link

  5. Copy the commcare-odk.apk onto the phone's sd card:

    1. Make sure that “Unknown sources” is checked

    2. Go to the Home Screen, then Applications.

    3. Select a file browser application (Samsung Galaxy Ys have an application called My Files)

    4. Go to the folder “install files”

    5. Select commcare-odk.apk.  This will install CommCareODK.

  6. Now that CommCare ODK is on the phone, you can install your CommCare application and restore your user.