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Understanding Dimagi’s offerings

Starting and managing your subscription to a software plan

Making a payment and getting an invoice

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Other FAQ about invoicing/payment

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Understanding Dimagi's offerings

Understanding Dimagi's offerings

Dimagi's offerings

Software Plans: 

  • Software plans give you access to CommCare on Dimagi's managed cloud servers. For a monthly subscription fee, you can create your own CommCare application, deploy it on your users’ phones, and manage and track the flow of data in real-time, all with no technical background required. CommCare’s unique features and user-friendly interface have been optimized based on the experiences and feedback of hundreds of our partners since 2005.

  • Our five software plans include various levels of cloud server support, advanced features, SMS capabilities, automatic software updates, bug fixes and maintenance support, security updates, HIPAA compliance, and much more. For specific plan details, please see Choosing a software plan or visit our software plan details.

Implementation Bundles: 

  • If your project requires in-country support from Dimagi staff to help develop mobile applications, facilitate project implementation or build staff capacity, you can purchase an implementation bundle. These bundles include implementation and capacity services as well as 12 months of either the Pro or Advanced software plan. 

  • You can choose between five Implementation Bundles, which can include implementation services ranging from two weeks of onsite application scoping to a full 18-month deployment aimed to take a project to scale. See more here

  • Dimagi has also developed a maturity model to help you determine the package level best suited for your organization’s needs. If you are interested in discussing further, please contact Dimagi at

Capacity Services: 

These are services that can be purchased individually. They enable organizations to selectively add specific services to their pre-existing mobile systems to either strengthen their program or technology or to develop new features.

Choosing a software plan

Dimagi offers five software plans tailored to meet different partner and project needs.

  • We offer a completely free version of CommCare. The Community plan supports up to 5 mobile users and provides access to all basic CommCare features.

  • To add more mobile users or to access more advanced features, you can upgrade to a higher-level software plan.

  • If you need more advanced features but want to keep the same number of users, you will still have to upgrade to the higher-level software plan. We do offer pro bono access to pay-only features for organizations that can demonstrate need. See Applying for a Pro-bono plan or feature

Please see the list of software plans here, and refer to the CommCare Plan Details for additional details about each software plan's associated features:

Fees for additional users

  • Mobile users: Each plan comes with a number of mobile users free of charge. This number represents all mobile users that are not currently deactivated. Both active and inactive mobile workers are counted. To reduce your number of mobile users, you can deactivate inactive users. Read more about archiving users on Create and Manage CommCare Mobile Workers. If you exceed the number of mobile users included for free in your plan, you will be charged $2/month for each additional mobile user.

  • Web users: There is no limit to the number of "web users" you can have. For the difference between a web user and a mobile user, please see this page (CommCare Fundamentals - Web and Mobile Users) on our CommCare Help site.

Fees for SMS

Dimagi charges incoming and outgoing messages on a per-message fee for both Dimagi's gateway and your own Android gateways.* To view SMS prices for using Dimagi's connections in each country, click here.. You can choose a connection for your project under Messaging -> SMS Connectivity

  • Dimagi's Gateway (Excluding Enterprise Level): Messages are charged a per-message fee by the local telecommunications provider. The SMS gateway fee will vary depending on the country and the telecommunication network, although it typically falls between .01 USD and .10 USD.

  • Your Gateway (or Enterprise Level on Dimagi Gateway): Software plans that have their own gateway have an unlimited amount of incoming and outgoing messages. While these plans are not subject to telecommunications' fees, Dimagi charges an additional $.01 (US) per message on all incoming and outgoing messages.

Outgoing SMS refers to SMS sent by CommCareHQ to the mobile users, other registered beneficiaries, or end-clients. Incoming SMS refers to SMS sent by users to CommCareHQ.



Starting and managing your subscription to a software plan

Starting and managing your subscription to a software plan

Subscribing to a software plan

  • Please note that you need to create a project space before you can subscribe to a software plan. Learn here how to create a project space.

  • Log into CommCareHQ and go to the project space you want to subscribe to a plan. 

  • Click the settings wheel at the top right of the page, then click "Current Subscription".

  • Click the blue "Change Plan" button and select and confirm your plan.

  • Please note that your invoice will be sent to your Billing Contact. To make sure the billing contact information is accurate, visit your Project settings>Billing Information page. If there aren’t any Billing Contact, invoices will by default be sent to the web admin users on the project.

Monthly and Annual Billing

  • You can choose to be billed on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis or pre-pay for a year in advance to benefit from our discounted Annual pricing.

  • 30 day minimum commitment for Monthly billing: Please note that all Monthly billed plans require a 30 day minimum commitment. In other words, after subscribing to a plan, you can only downgrade after 30 days. If you try to downgrade during the 30 day window, your plan will be scheduled to auto-downgrade at the end of the 30 day window.

  • Important: Please refer to our Billing terms before signing up for a monthly or annually billed subscription.

Applying for a pro-bono plan or feature

Dimagi offers pro-bono software plans or features on a need-only basis. Pro bono applications are usually granted to small organizations who want to do a small or pilot project and who have thoroughly considered their feature needs. You can apply for a pro-bono plan by filling out this application.

Please remember: Our Community software plan is completely free, supports up to 5 mobile users, and gives you access to all basic CommCare features.

Applying for a developer plan

Developer accounts will be offered pro-bono to developers looking to write tools that integrate with CommCare. To make a developer account request, please email

Extending the software plan you had as part of an Implementation Bundle

If your service agreement with Dimagi is about to end but you would like to retain your CommCare HQ subscription and keep your existing functionalities, you should follow these steps:

  • One month before your contract end date, you will receive a reminder email from CommCareHQ mentioning that your contracted subscription is about to end.

  • When you receive the email, click the link provided to go to the subscription page ([project name]/settings/project/subscription/), and hit the renew button. Choose your current plan or a higher plan if other functionalities will be needed. Using the "renew" button ensures that your subscription will be renewed as soon as your current contract runs out and that there will be no interruption in your use of functionalities. Even if you renew before the end of your contract, you won’t get charged for the new plan until the current one expires. 

Upgrading or downgrading to another software plan


Monthly Billing:

You can upgrade to another software plan at any time. Please note that:

  • All upgrades require a 30 day minimum commitment. You will not be able to downgrade your subscription before your subscription has been active for at least 30 days.

  • The subscription will take effect as soon as you make the change in your project settings. If you change your subscription in the middle of the month, you will only be billed for the portion of the month when your subscription was active.

  • If you downgrade to a lower-level subscription, please note that the features that were only available in the higher subscription level will be made inactive. 

To upgrade or downgrade, go to Project Settings > Current Subscription > Change Plan

Annual Billing:

  • To upgrade or downgrade, go to Project Settings > Current Subscription and click Talk to Sales. We will respond back as soon as we can.

Pausing a subscription

Monthly Billing:

All monthly subscriptions require a minimum 30 day commitment. You can pause a subscription at any time after the first 30 days by navigating to Project Settings > Current Subscription > Change Plan and selecting the Pause Subscription option.

What happens after your subscription gets paused?

  • You will lose access to your project space, but you will be able to re-subscribe any time in the future.

  • You will no longer be billed. However, based on your payment method you may have an open invoice for the service provided this month.

  • Re-subscribing will restore full access to your project space, including your data, apps, report, and configurations.

Annual Billing:

  • To end your subscription, go to Project Settings > Current Subscription and click "Talk to Sales". We will respond back as soon as we can.



Making a payment and getting an invoice

Making a payment and getting an invoice

Payment Options

You have following payment options:

Monthly Billing

  • Pre-pay for the number of months of your choice and for any SMS or user credits by going to:[YOUR PROJECT SPACE NAME]/settings/project/subscription/ and follow the steps outlined here. Please note that credits don’t expire even if you suspend your subscription.

  • Post-pay on a monthly basis, after you receive your monthly invoice and follow payment instructions on the invoice and follow the steps outlined here

  • Automatically pay on a monthly basis, with a credit card on file that is selected to automatically pay a generated invoice each month.  Simply check the “Use this card to autopay” when saving a new card on the Billing information page, or any time you are editing a card that has already been saved.

Annual Billing

  • Pre-pay for a year in advance to benefit from our discounted Annual pricing. For more information, please go to Project Settings > Current Subscription and click "Contact Sales". We will respond back as soon as we can.

Monthly invoicing and payment process

  • Invoice date: Unless you pre-paid for your subscription and did not incur any additional charges for SMS or users, the billing contact of your project will receive an invoice by email on the first day of each month for charges incurred over the previous month. The invoice will include the base fee for the software plan subscription, as well as charges for any SMS and for any users over the included limit.

  • Due date: The payment is due on the 30th of the month following service, unless the monthly payment due is below $100 and your total balance is below $100. In this case, the due date will be postponed until the total balance reaches $100. Your monthly invoice will include the mention of the total balance.

    • Example: For fees incurred in September, you will receive an invoice on October 1, due on October 30, assuming your balance is at least $100

  • Late payments: If the invoice becomes past due, we will send you a reminder email. If the invoice is not paid within 60 days following the due date, we will send a warning email a few days before and pause your subscription. If this happens, you will lose all access to your project space wi Also note that if you have several invoices pending, you can see your total balance in the latest invoice or go onto your project settings (see Payment methods) and generate a new invoice for the total balance.

Payment methods


Invoices can be paid via credit card, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), or check.

To make a pre or post - payment, follow the steps outlined here.

  • If you pre-pay by credit card, you will receive an email with a summary of your payment once the payment is processed

  • If you decide to pre-pay by EFT, CommCareHQ will send you an invoice with the amount you will have indicated for your pre-payment. In this invoice, you will find all the information to make the EFT. Please do not forget to indicate the invoice number when submitting your wire payment, and to send an email to indicating the following information: Project space name, invoice number and Date of Electronic Fund Transfer.

  • For any payments by check, they should be sent to the mailing address found on your invoice.  Please make all checks out to “Dimagi”, and be sure to include invoice number and the project space name in the memo.

Updating Billing Contact Information

Billing Contacts will receive invoices, subscription reminders, and other billing updates. They do not have to be CommCareHQ web users. To change or update the Billing Contacts, please go to Project Settings > Billing information (on the left of the page), and update the information. If no billing contacts are entered, the invoices will by default be sent to the web admin users registered for this project space. To check the web admin users registered, go to Users> Web Users & Roles on If you have any other questions regarding your invoice, please contact us at

In addition to updating your billing contact information, you also have the option of saving a new credit card that can be used for pre or post-payment for your account, and you can elect to use this card for monthly auto payment as well.

Other FAQ about our software plans

Other FAQ about our software plans

API access: Is the CommCare-Export tool considered use of API Access for the purposes of software plan/billing?


The CommCare Data Export Tool is available to CommCare users at a Pro plan or higher.


Dimagi support: How does my software plan affect the level of support I get from Dimagi?

Unless you have a services agreement, your software plan determines the level of support you receive from Dimagi.

1. Community & Standard - use our regular support channels (the "Report an Issue" button and the CommCare-users group) to get general support. Standard plan users have access to more direct email support follow-up.

2.  Pro - In addition to general support, you can ask support questions specific to your project's application and content. You will not have a specific Dimagi point of contact.

3.  Advanced - In addition to our regular support channel you will have a point person from Dimagi person for app/content support specific to your project.

HIPAA security: What is the difference between HIPAA security at each level?

Our standard, Pro and Advanced plans currently adhere to the same security standards from a technology standpoint.  The key difference is whether Dimagi is willing to assume liability and sign a "Business Associates Agreement" (BAA), which we offer with Advanced and Enterprise plans. If you're unsure what your organization may need in order to adhere to institutional data privacy and security, please contact us.

Custom reports: What are the custom reports that are offered in the Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise software plans?

  • If your organization has a Pro, Advanced, or Enterprise software plan, you have the option to access custom reports in your project space. You must contract with Dimagi to have custom reports built on CommCareHQ. There is an additional one-time cost for the development of each custom report.

  • If you subscribe to the "Community" or "Standard" software plans, custom reports are not available to your organization. 

  • In the future, we hope that other software developers and organizations will be able to build their own custom reports on CommCareHQ. 


Other FAQ about invoicing/payment

Other FAQ about invoicing/payment

Credits: Am I losing my credits when my subscription ends?


No, the credits you load onto your subscription as pre-payment don’t expire. Even if your paid subscription is paused. Your credits are still loaded onto your account, and start getting debited again once you re-subscribe to a plan.



More questions not answered in this FAQ?

If you have any other questions on pricing and payments, please reach out to and we would be happy to help you!