Beginner Tutorial Part 4 - Testing in Application Preview

Form Preview

Your form is ready to test!


Beginner Tutorial Part 4 Learning Objectives
  • How to test forms using the Application Preview feature

Test your Application

Now that you have built out a form you might want to test it out! You can do this using a tool called the Application Preview (or App Preview) on CommCareHQ.

 You can click the "Preview" button anywhere in the app manager to open up App Preview.

As you work on your application further, you can always test out new changes using App Preview!  You can find out more about App Preview here.

Using App Preview

App Preview will always use the latest preview version of your application. This means that it will use a version of your application based on the last time you pressed the 'Save' button. You can check this by pressing the Start button and then proceeding to the form, just as you would on a mobile device! But, how do we use this tool to check the changes we make to our application? Anytime you make a change to your application, you need to select the refresh button to ensure you have latest version of your application. Press the button now!

Now press the start button and enter your Registration Form. You can also access any other forms you have created through App manager. 


Now that you know how to test changes you make to the forms, let's add some more complex actions to our form!

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