Manage Deployment Reports

The Manage Deployment reports can be used by advanced users to monitor the status of their users and troubleshoot advanced technical problems. Each report is described below:

Application Status

Purpose: This report shows the last recorded activity of each user, and the last application name and version against which they submitted a form. This report is very useful for ensuring that all users are working from the same application version.

Use the filters at the top of the page to select a specific application or to view data across all applications. The generated report will list all mobile workers and show the following information about each one:

  • Last Submission - the time elapsed since the last form submission to CommCareHQ
  • Last Sync - the time elapsed since the mobile worker last got data back from the CommCareHQ server (for example: fixture updates, case sharing cases, groups, etc.). This could be an automatic sync or done manually by pressing the 'Sync with Server' button on CommCare for the Android application home screen.
  • Application name and version (Released Version) - the application name and version as indicated by the the last successful heartbeat request (refer to the note below to understand more on heartbeat request) from user's mobile device.
  • CommCare Version - the CommCare version as indicated by the last successful heartbeat request from user's mobile device.
  • Number of unsent forms in user's phone - Number of unsent forms that are there in the device when last time mobile made a successful heartbeat request.

Note: Heartbeat is a periodic http request that CommCare makes in order to exchange some key data points with the server. Mobile devices send heartbeat requests to update all of the above information. If a mobile worker has updated to a new application version but the device has not made a heartbeat request yet, then the old application version will be displayed in this report. The same can be the case with the number of unsent forms, if a user has just synced but the device has not been able to make a heartbeat request yet, then the old value of "number of unsent forms" will be displayed in the column for the selected duration For more technical information on heartbeat requests, please refer to this page.

Aggregate User Status

Purpose: Gives a high-level overview of each user's most recent interaction with each application in your project space. Data provided includes:

  • Last Submission
  • Last Sync
  • Application - Name of the application this data is reported from.
  • Application Version - Version of the Application from CommCare HQ currently loaded into CommCare  
  • CommCare Version - Version of the CommCare app from the Play Store downloaded onto the user's device
  • Number of unsent forms in user's phone - Total unsent forms that are there in user's device.

Raw Forms, Errors & Duplicates

Purpose: Provides the ability to view all of the submissions to your project space, even if those submissions weren't successfully processed, were duplicates, or were forms we hide from the submission log (like user registrations and device reports). If something peculiar/unfamiliar is going on with submissions, or there is a need to inspect data at a more fine granular level, this is one place to look for clues.

Use the filters to choose which kinds of forms to view - duplicates, errors, normal forms, overwritten forms, etc.

If you are importing existing data by sending in fake forms, this is a good place to check that CommCareHQ is receiving them as normal forms.

Additionally, one can also look for archived forms in this report by choosing the "archived" filter.

Device Log Details

Purpose:  With this report one can easily view all the device logs, by type and by logged in username, submitted over a selected period of time. This report serves as a more general troubleshooting tool when errors and warnings are not the only logs being looked for.

  1. Once this report loads, the following information will be displayed from left to right:
    • Date of when the warning or error occurred
    • Log type
    • Username
    • Device ID
    • Error message - *This message will assist the app builder or Dimagi field team to support you in resolving the issue.

Message types:

  • Displayed permissions message (orange): This means the application permission settings have been re-set on the phone.