Internet Browsers for CommCare HQ

This page provides an overview of the recommended Internet browsers to use with CommCare.

Supported Browsers

When using CommCare HQ we recommend using either Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers. Safari and legacy Internet Explorer/Edge are not well-supported by CommCare HQ and may be difficult to use!

You can download the recommended browsers for free at the links below:

Useful Shortcuts

Find shortcut

  • Purpose: To find text that is anywhere on the page

  • Key: Ctrl + F (Command + F on Macs)

  • On CommCareHQ: use the "find" function to find a specific message, case property, or time stamp on a page. This will only search the text that is on the screen; it will not find material that has not loaded and it will not search text that is embedded in an image.

  • Other info: Press the esc key to leave the Find function.

Open multiple tabs or windows

  • Purpose: View multiple parts of CommCare quickly without having to reload each one in sequence.

  • Key

    • To open a new window use Ctrl + N (Command + N on Macs)

    • To open a new tab use Ctrl + T (Command + T on Macs)

    • You can also open a link in a new window or tab by right clicking on it and choosing the appropriate option

  • On CommCareHQ: This is very useful when you want to compare multiple reports at once

    • NOTE: This is not recommended when using Web Apps or editing an application in the formbuilder

Incognito/Private Windows

Purpose: Allows you to open a new browser window that does not remember any of your active log-ins or history. In Chrome this is called Incognito Mode, in Edge it is called InPrivate and in Firefox it is called Private Browsing.


  • Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N (Command + Shift + N for Macs)

  • Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P (Command + Shift + P for Macs)

On CommCareHQ: You can log into two CommCare accounts simultaneously using an incognito/privacy window. This is very useful if you want to simulate what CommCareHQ will look like for a mobile user. You can remain logged into CommCareHQ as web user and then open an incognito/private window in which you log in as a mobile user. The sessions will remain separate.