Project Performance Dashboard

Also known as the "Project Health Dashboard," this report provides users with a snapshot of their project's overall performance. Web users can use the Project Performance Dashboard to to help understand the overall performance of a project based on the number of active and performing users. Here, you will be able to track the number and proportion of high, low and inactive mobile workers, as well as identify trends in mobile worker performance. The dashboard can be broken up into three sections:

Last Month's Stats

This section identifies the quantity and percent change of mobile workers who submitted more than 15 forms, less than 15 forms or have submitted no forms. 

User Trends

The Active Users Trend graph tracks the proportion of active users over time while the High/Low Performing User Trends graph illustrates the proportion of high/low performing users. 

User Charts

This section displays a chart view of low performing, inactive and high performing users in the previous month.