CloudWorks Web Application Benefits

Diagnostic tests are widely used, imperative and valuable at the frontlines.  We need real-time digitized test results & diagnoses.

  • Increased Confidence: It is critical for countries to have visibility into their field-level diagnostic practices so that they can track and ensure accurate diagnosis to reduce unnecessary over-prescription. CloudWorks’ remote validation capabilities ensure readings of rapid diagnostic tests are accurate, increasing confidence in your team’s results and maximizing their impact.
  • Disease Surveillance: CloudWorks contains components to address the infrastructure and incentive barriers to using & scaling eDiagnostics and eReaders. It enables the creation of datasets and a metering system for eReaders and eDiagnostics to go-to-market.
  • Open Source: Cloudworks is an open source Global Good middleware to ensure that all stakeholders in the diagnostics ecosystem can interoperate with digitized readings of RDTs in near real time. 
  • Highly Detailed Metadata: CloudWorks stores highly detailed metadata about RDT Result Capture sessions. This data gives visibility into how RDTs are being administered and whether best practices are being followed. These data sets can be used for improving the associated services  
  • InteroperableBuilt from the start to be open source, interoperable and integrateable with any and all software and diagnostics you're currently using. It provides an architecture and design that supports new RDTs to be added easily in the future.
  • Works Offline: The Rapid Diagnostic Tolkit is an Android app that will sync with the server when there is no connectivity.