CommCare Pricing

CommCare’s Software-as-a-Service affordable pricing model allows organizations to trial CommCare for free, and quickly get started with a monthly or annual subscription to the platform.

CommCare Software Plans

Anyone can quickly sign up and get started with CommCare. By signing up for a CommCare software plan, you benefit from accessing a number of sophisticated features, better support, and secure cloud hosting.

Our software plans include various levels of user limits as well as cloud server support, advanced features, SMS capabilities, automatic software updates, bug fixes and maintenance , security updates, HIPAA compliance, and much more. 

To add more mobile users or to access more advanced features, you can upgrade to a higher-level software plan. If you need more advanced features but want to keep the same number of users, you will still have to upgrade to the higher-level software plan.

In order to not limit the impact of programs, Dimagi does not limit CommCare’s usage in terms of volume of forms or data submitted.

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Dimagi offers our users various levels of Support, based upon their software plan and our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Your software plan helps us determine the response rate for these questions and the priority with which we solve them.

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