Nokia Phone Permissions

Various actions (Reading the file system, submitting data, etc) require user permission before they can be performed on Nokia phones. You can configure the phone to always allow (or any other level of permission) these actions in order to make the application run more smoothly. 

Configuring the Phone for Smoothest Access (Nokia S40)

  1. If you've just copied the application to the phone's memory, restart the phone.  The phone won't save the following settings in some situations if it is not restarted first.  

  2. Locate the application on the phone as if you were about to run it

  3. Navigate to Options -> Application Access

  4. Select Communication -> Network Access and choose Always Allowed

    1. If this option is not available, confirm that the application is properly signed (see below).

  5. Repeat the previous step for any of the following which exist on your device:

    1. Communication -> Messaging

    2. Communication -> Connectivity

    3. Data Access -> Read User Data

    4. Data Access -> Add and edit data

    5. Data Access -> Multimedia Recording

    6. Positioning -> Get Location

Ensuring the Application is Signed:

Follow these steps if you are unable to set the permissions for the app as described above:

  1. Locate the application on the phone as if you were about to run it

  2. Navigate to Options -> Details

  3. Scroll down until you find the lines for certificate. Make sure it says

    1. Certificate: yes

    2. Organization: Thawte Consulting cc

  4. If the certificate is not there, you will have to reinstall CommCare.

Advanced: Checking the Phone's Root CA's (Certificate Authority):

Follow these steps if you are unable to set the permissions for the app as described above. This fixes the phones certificate authority (CA) which can be corrupted if a local phone shop re-flashes the firmware on your Nokia phone. 

  1. From the phone's homescreen navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Security -> Authority Certificates

    1. This is a list of all of the authorities on the phone (which designate what certificates are accepted

  2. Navigate through the list looking for a certificate with the words Thawte and Code Signing in the name

    1. There may be multiple Thawte certificates 

  3. If you find the certificate press Options -> Select Use. Ensure that Apps. Signing is on the list and that it is checked

    1. If the certificate is present and Apps. Signing is on the list, but unchecked for some reason, check that box and try again

  4. If there is no Thawte code signing certificate on the phone, it has likely been flashed with an invalid OS. Contact an official Nokia store to get the phone's OS/Firmware restored to stock.

    1. This happens occasionally when servicing phones at roadside or unofficial tech support vendors.


  • These application permissions are cleared when the phone loses track of the application (IE: if you unplug the SD card and plug it back in), so you'll need to set them again if you make changes of that nature. 

  • Many of these options are only allowed to be set to Always Allowed if the application is Digitally Signed. This is a process which is handled by CommCare HQ when you build an application, but may not have occurred for other builds of CommCare. If any of the options cannot be set (grayed out) to Always Allowed, contact the CommCare users list for assistance.