Show Orphan Case Alerts on Mobile Worker Edit Page

Locations that owns cases and have a single assigned mobile worker require careful consideration. This is because unassigning that mobile worker from the location would render the cases inaccessible to all mobile workers. On the other hand, unassigning mobile workers from locations with no cases presents no issue, as no new cases can be created in such locations.

While some workflows capitalize on this behavior, other workflows might be impacted differently. Depending on your project's specific worflow, you might want the system to display a warning when this situation is detected.

The warning banner

The display of a warning banner is controlled by a project setting named Show Orphan Case Alerts on Mobile Worker Edit Page.

When editing a mobile worker, the warning banner will be displayed on the "Locations" tab if any of the worker's assigned locations fall into the category described above. The banner presents a list of locations where the mobile worker is the sole assigned user, along with the number of cases present in each location. This enables you to quickly identify situations that require attention.