The CommCare Ecosystem

CommCare is used by 2000+ international development projects across 300+ partners in 80+ countries to transform their last-mile data collection and service delivery practices. These organizations not only get value from CommCare’s powerful native capabilities, but also from our entire ecosystem of integrations with their favorite products and services. Almost every B2B SaaS product today has APIs that "could be" used to build integrations with other products and services. An ecosystem, however, is intentional about how the multiple products work together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

What does the CommCare Ecosystem look like? 

The CommCare Ecosystem has been intentionally designed to create unique value for M&E, Program and ICT/Digital Teams. We have seen that when these 3 teams wholeheartedly adopt CommCare, organizations can consistently meet or beat their impact goals, and enabling that remains our true north. 

I’ve listed the parts of our ecosystem that we typically see at the organizational level with CommCare, but we also see many more use cases at the national digital health level  as well. Stay tuned for future write-ups on examples of DHIS2 and OpenMRS using OpenHIE.

If you have any ideas for expanding the ecosystem further, please reach out to me at to discuss!