Form Data APIs

Purpose: get all of the data associated with a form submission, including all form property values. The form data may be presented to an end user as detailed data associated with a particular case. For example, by clicking on a prenatal visit hyperlink in a case summary screen, the end user may be presented with clinical data associated with a specific prenatal visit.

Authentication and Usage: All URL endpoints should be utilized as part of a cURL authentication command. For more information, please review

Single Form URL:[domain]/api/[version]/form/[form_id]/

Sample URL:

Sample output:

{ "app_id": "572e968957920fc3e92578988866a5e8", "archived": false, "build_id": "78698f1516e7d16689e05fce852d1e9c", "form": { "#type": "data", "@name": "Case Update", "@uiVersion": "1", "@version": "186", "@xmlns": "", "case": { "@case_id": "8f8fd909-684f-402d-a892-f50e607fffef", "@date_modified": "2012-09-29T19:10:00", "@user_id": "f4c63df2ef7f9da2f93cab12dc9ef53c", "@xmlns": "", "update": { "data_node": "55", "dateval": "2012-09-26", "geodata": "5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0", "intval": "5", "multiselect": "b", "singleselect": "b", "text": "TEST" } }, "data_node": "55", "geodata": "5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0", "meta": { "@xmlns": "", "appVersion": { "#text": "v2.1.0dev (1d8fba-0884f9-unvers-2.1.0-Nokia/S40-generic) build 186 App #186 b:2012-Sep-27 r:2012-Sep-28", "@xmlns": "" }, "deviceID": "0LRGVM4SFN2VHCOVWOVC07KQX", "instanceID": "00460026-a33b-4c6b-a4b6-c47117048557", "timeEnd": "2012-09-29T19:10:00", "timeStart": "2012-09-29T19:08:46", "userID": "f4c63df2ef7f9da2f93cab12dc9ef53c", "username": "afrisis" }, "old_data_node": "", "question1": "OK", "question11": "5", "question12": "2012-09-26", "question14": "OK", "question3": "b", "question7": "b", "text": "TEST" }, "id": "00460026-a33b-4c6b-a4b6-c47117048557", "md5": "OBSOLETED", "metadata": { "@xmlns": "", "appVersion": "@xmlns:, #text:v2.1.0dev (1d8fba-0884f9-unvers-2.1.0-Nokia/S40-generic) build 186 App #186 b:2012-Sep-27 r:2012-Sep-28", "deprecatedID": null, "deviceID": "0LRGVM4SFN2VHCOVWOVC07KQX", "instanceID": "00460026-a33b-4c6b-a4b6-c47117048557", "timeEnd": "2012-09-29T19:10:00", "timeStart": "2012-09-29T19:08:46", "userID": "f4c63df2ef7f9da2f93cab12dc9ef53c", "username": "afrisis" }, "received_on": "2012-09-29T17:24:52", "resource_uri": "", "type": "data", "uiversion": "1", "version": "186" }