Messaging Troubleshooting

There are a number of reasons that a message may not be sent out from Messaging.  Please follow these steps to troubleshoot your application. 

1. Select a Default Gateway

Please make sure you've selected a default gateway for your project (Gateway Options for SMS Projects).  To choose a gateway, please go to Messaging -> SMS Connectivity.  More details can be found on Setup SMS Connection for Project

2. Make Sure Your Phone Number is Supported by your Gateway

Go to the Compose SMS Message page (Messaging -> Compose SMS Message).  Type in the phone number you're testing with including a + symbol and the country code.  For example, for Canada enter +19051235555 or for India enter +919560187812.  Enter a test message and press the Send Message button.  Verify that the message appears on your phone.   You can also check the Message Log report by going to Messaging -> Message Log.  

If the message is not received by your phone, your selected gateway may not be supported by the project.  Please try a different gateway or contact Dimagi Support.  

3. Check the Scheduled Messaging Events report

Make sure the reminder is appearing in Scheduled Messaging Events report.  If the reminder does not appear, that means it hasn't been setup correctly.

4. Check the Messaging History Report

Check the Messaging History Report. This will list all events that the system tried to process and whether they succeeded or had an error.

5. Mobile Worker Message

If the message is intended from a mobile worker, please ensure that the mobile worker is properly setup for (Configure a Mobile Worker for Messaging).  Make sure the phone number is in the correct format (includes the country code and phone number.  For example, 19058131234 will work for a Canadian number or 919560187612 for an Indian number).

Please note, for the India Unicel gateway, the user will need to opt into messages from Dimagi. Please see this help page for more information.

6. Case - Ensure Correct Phone Number & Case Name

Please ensure that the case is properly setup for CommCare Messaging (Registering a Case Contact).  Make sure that your case has the case property contact_phone_number  and the case property name (name should not be null)

7. SMS Gotchas

MACH sometimes changes the sender ID (or the phone number the recipient sees as the source of the SMS)

8. Bulk Messaging Regulations

Please note, for  Telerivet gateway it's important to check the country's regulations which might limit the amount of messages being sent at a time if sending bulk messages. Honduras specifically  has regulations in place that limits an bulk messaging within the country.