Overwriting Case List and Case Detail Configuration

For applications that have many similar menus, it can be useful to copy one menu's entire case list or case details configuration to another menu.

Enabling the Feature

This feature is behind an application add-on. To turn it on, visit your application's Settings page by clicking the gear next to the application's name:

And then click the Add-ons tab:

This feature is an efficiency add-on:

Using the Feature


This action is irreversible. It is strongly recommended that you make a new version of your application before trying out this feature. In the event of an error, you can revert back to that version.

Once the feature is enabled, visit the menu that you wish to copy and select the Actions tab to see the overwrite options.

Overwriting the Case List Configuration

You can select one or more menus and then will copy the current menu's configuration to those menus. You also select which parts of the configuration you wish to copy. The default properties you can include are:

  • Display Properties

  • Case List Filter

  • Sort configuration

Note that Parent Child Selection cannot be copied using this feature.

Overwriting the Case Detail Configuration

As with case list configuration, select one or more menus to copy the current menu's configuration to those menus.

The entire case detail configuration is copied: display properties and sorting.