CommCare Fundamentals - Test

CommCare Fundamentals Test

Think you understand CommCare now? You can prove it by taking the CommCare Fundamentals Test on CommCare Academy.


Why take the test?

The test is a useful way to ensure that you or your staff have a basic understanding of CommCare terminology and how it is structured.

Fundamentals will also be required for most CommCare certifications (currently under development)

What does the test look like?

The test is administered via CommCare Academy, Dimagi's learning environment for CommCare.

Example 1

True or False: CommCare HQ is the phone-based app component of CommCare

  1. True

  2. False


Correct Answer: FALSE!

CommCare HQ is the website and CommCare is the mobile component. Review CommCare Fundamentals - CommCare Overview for more information.


Example 2

True or False: Forms are made up of many different applications

  1. True

  2. False


Correct Answer: FALSE!

Applications are made up of modules, which are in turn made up of forms. Review CommCare Fundamentals - CommCare Structure for more information.


Example 3

CommCare HQ works on which type of computer:

  1. Windows-based computers

  2. Apple computers

  3. Web-enabled Tablets

  4. All of the above


Correct Answer: 4. All of the above!

CommCare HQ is a cloud-based tool accessible through a supported web browser on any Internet-connected device. However, CommCare HQ works better with some Internet browsers than others. Review CommCare Fundamentals - CommCare Structure for the details.


Example 4

A person in which project role would most likely be responsible for making changes to a CommCare application:

  1. Technical Officer

  2. Application Manager

  3. Project Coordinator

  4. Trainer


Correct Answer: 2. Application Manager

While a single person may have multiple roles within a single CommCare project, the role that is related to making changes to an application is the Technical Manager. Review CommCare Fundamentals - Project Planning and Implementation for more information.


How do I take it?

Create an account at Dimagi Academy and register for the CommCare Fundamentals course