Breath Counter App Integration

This page will walk you through the steps of integrating Dimagi's breath counter application with your CommCare ODK app.

  1. Download and install the breath counter app from the play store to your device here.  This app is called Breath Counter 3.0, not to be confused with an older version called Respiratory Counter.

  2. Navigate to the form builder for your app on CommCare HQ

  3. Navigate to where you want to insert the question. 

  4. Press the Add Question button and add an "Android App Callout" question type under the "Advanced" tab

  5. Create an ID and label as you would a normal question

  6. Under "External App", select Breath Counter. The following should appear in the field to the right: org.commcare.respiratory.BREATHCOUNT (if for some reason you are using the old app Respiratory Counter, you will need to select Custom and then put in

  7. Under "Logic" you can enforce the same things as you would a normal question, IE enforce this must be a realistic value, non-null, etc (validation condition: . != 'null'

  8. Once the user performs the breath counting via the 'Breath Counter' application, the resulting integer value will be passed back to CommCare and stored in the "Android App Callout" question's "Question ID" 

For more info on app callout question types see