Bulk download and upload of SMS content in conditional alerts

This page is accessible via an upload button on the main conditional alerts page:

The page itself is a standard bulk upload/download page:


The download is formatted into two tabs: one for rules with translated content, one for rules with untranslated content - corresponding to the "Translate this message" box you see when editing a rule in HQ.

The download contains each rule's id, name, and message content. For rules that use custom schedules, the download contains one row for each event associated with the rule.

See "limitations" section below for reasons why a rule would be excluded from the download.


The upload can be used to edit a rule's name or its message content.

Partial uploads are accepted:

  • Uploads missing rows: the upload will update whatever rules are in the sheet.

  • Uploads missing columns: the upload must contain an "id" column, but any other column - name, some or all of the message columns - can be excluded.

Rules with custom schedules are supported:

  • Like the download, the upload must contain one row for each event associated with the rule. You cannot add or remove events.

  • If updating the rule's name, you must update it in all rows.

  • If there are any problems with a custom rule, like blank content, the entire rule will fail to update.

You can move rules from the "not translated" sheet to the "translated" sheet and vice versa. See "limitations" for specifics around moving messages between sheets for rule that have custom schedules.

The upload will update all rules that it can and will display explanatory messages for any rules it cannot update. See "limitations" section below for caveats to the upload functionality.

The uploader does not cause the edited rules to be re-processed.


  • This feature only manages conditional alerts that send SMS content. It does not handle email, SMS surveys, or custom SMS content.

  • This feature only edits existing rules. It does not add new rules or delete rules.

  • You cannot update rules that are currently being processed.

  • Only languages specified in Messaging > Settings > Languages will appear in the download. Similarly, any languages not specified in Messaging > Settings > Languages (e.g., a language that has been deleted) will not be updated even if included in the upload.

  • For rules that are not translated, the single message may not be blank.

  • Custom schedule handling

    • If the existing rule’s messages are all on the same sheet, you can update any of them and can move all of them to the other sheet. You can’t move only some of them to the other sheet.

    • If the existing rule’s messages are split between sheets, you can move messages between sheets only if you’re moving all of the messages from one sheet to the other sheet (and it’s important to be careful, because they will be matched based on order, so if you have a rule with events A, B, and C, and A and C are translated but B is not, if you want to move B to the translated sheet you need to insert the B row between A and C).