CommCare Rate Limiting


Please note that rate limiting applies only to SaaS CommCare environments ( and

CommCare is a cloud-hosted platform engineered to provide optimal performance across all project spaces. Rate limits only apply when the entire CommCare platform is under high load.

This document explains what rate limiting is, gives detailed information on our rate limiting policies, and guides best practices so that your operations aren't affected by rate limiting. 

What is rate limiting?

We implement rate limiting to safeguard CommCare service availability. Shared services must ensure they can manage excessive system usage. Excessive use adds strain to CommCare Services and affects the application's general performance. Rate limiting is a dynamic component that enables optimal availability, scalability, and reliability in your project spaces.

Rate limiting controls the number of forms you submit, changes you make to a case, or how many API calls your project space makes. We have outlined the details of our rate limits on each page below. Your application will auto-sync to the server again after the rate limit expires.

Rate Limit Details

Limits are combined across all project spaces with the total number of mobile workers included in an Enterprise subscription that includes multiple project spaces.

Project spaces in an Enterprise account will not be rate limited unless both the project space and the Enterprise account are over their respective limits.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will further explain our rate limiting policy and work with you to ensure your project isn't impacted by the rate limiting thresholds.

If you're already a Dimagi partner, please get in touch with your account manager for more information.