CommCare Sync Data

View Exact Data Sent to the Device

You can use the same API URL which is used by the mobile devices to see what data will be sent to the phone or web application during a sync.

View Restore Data for Any Mobile User in HQ

View Restore Data for Any Mobile User in HQ

View All Data Associated with a User:{my-project-space}/phone/restore/?as={user}@{my-project-space}

App Specific:{my-project-space}/phone/restore/{app_id}/?as={user}@{my-project-space} (assumes current state of the app, not particular build)

Build Specific:{my-project-space}/phone/restore/{build_id}/?as={user}@{my-project-space}

Additional Parameters

since={previous restore id}

Incremental response since the previous sync.


Include the item number in the response.


Don't return a cached value but rather recompute the response. Deletes the cache, so the next time you sync on the phone, it will use the newly computed result.


Raw restore response without the UI.


Fake a restore from a particular device id. WebApps uses a device ID of the form "WebAppsLogin".


Restore using app aware sync. This will only sync down the reports for that particular application.

case_sync={clean_owners | livequery}

Select which case sync algorithm to use with this restore


Shows only aggregate case counts, without loading associated XML data


Useful to debug issues where restore has missing or unexpected data. Instead of swallowing up UCR fixture errors during a restore, this forces a 500 error which a dev can investigate to find the root cause.