Dimagi Vaccine Solution Aligns with WHO DDCC: VS Technical Guidance

Thanks to funding support from Digital Square, Dimagi’s Vaccine Solution has been updated to align with the World Health Organization’s Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: Vaccination Status Technical Guidance for vaccine solutions. This update means that the Dimagi Vaccine Solution meets the data exchange requirements specified by the World Health Organization (data mapping here). As a result, partners and programs can use the Dimagi Vaccine Solution while generating a data set that's aligned with World Health Organization standards. In addition, ready-to-deploy documentation on installation and deployment is available for the solution.

The Dimagi Vaccine Solution was designed based on best practices and technical guidelines published by the World Health Organization. While these standards form the basis of the solution design, each country is expected to have unique requirements based on their vaccination schedule and program design. Therefore, the Dimagi Vaccine Solution is configurable to support these distinct needs of programs and partners. In addition, no custom development work will be required when vaccination schedule inputs change, thus ensuring the long-term sustainability and maintainability of the integration.

The Dimagi Vaccine Solution includes six micro-applications, each designed to address a unique challenge related to vaccination programs at scale. Each micro-application can be used independently or in combination with the other micro-applications. The micro-applications reflect critical aspects of immunization at scale, while the dashboard includes visualizations based on key indicators for immunization programs. These micro-applications use a modular design (i.e., no dependency between micro-applications) to enable easy removal and/or configuration based on local requirements.

The Dimagi Vaccine Solution is an open-source digital suite of tools – a CommCare mobile application, Superset dashboard, and direct-to-client messaging – that supports immunization programs at scale. Frontline workers use the CommCare mobile application to register clients, administer vaccines, track stock, logistics, and vaccination facilities, and complete community mobilization and demand generation activities. Administrators use the Superset dashboard to monitor data from frontline workers and intervene to provide support when required. Clients receive messages on their devices to remind them of upcoming appointments. You can learn more about the solution and watch a demo here

You may also tune in to our pre-recorded webinar to get an overview of the Dimagi Vaccine Solution.