Copy an Application between Projects or Servers

Copying an App between Projects on the Same Server

Notes: If you need to copy an application between different project spaces, or to the same project space, see

Copying an App between Servers

If you need to transfer an application between servers (for example, if you are a developer running CommCare HQ locally, or have a second instance of CommCare HQ running elsewhere):

  1. On the server containing the app you want to copy, go to the URL: http://[SERVER ADDRESS]/a/[PROJECT NAME]/apps/source/<APP_ID>.  For example:

  2. You should see a block of JSON-formatted text. Right click to save this page as a file with .json extension.

  3. On the new server, go to the following URL http://[SERVER ADDRESS]/a/[PROJECT NAME]/apps/import_app/.

  4. Add an application name, and upload the app json file downloaded above.

  5. Click Import Application.


  • This will not copy users and groups.

  • This will not copy organization structure or levels.

  • This will not copy user fields. 

  • This will not copy lookup tables (aka fixtures).

  • This will not copy multimedia from the app. Use the bulk multimedia download/upload to move multimedia.

  • This will not copy feature flags, although it will copy over any feature-flagged content in the application (e.g., advanced modules), which may behave unexpectedly if the domain being copied to does not have the correct flags enabled.