Minimize Duplicates Method 1: Registration From the Case List

Minimize data errors and duplicate case entries by setting up Register From Case List in your CommCare application.


This feature is intended to make registration forms directly accessible from a case list. Without this feature, if you want to verify that a case was not previously registered you have to look in the case list first, and if you don't find it, leave and navigate to the appropriate registration form.

With this feature turned on a mobile worker will be presented with an option to jump directly to the registration form if they can't find the case in the case list.

Introduction Video

View the intro video for Minimizing Duplicates

Appearance on CommCare Mobile

When turned on, a link to your selected registration form will always appear in the case list:

Even if you enter a search term, the option to jump directly to registration will show up at the bottom of the case list:

Configuration on CommCare HQ

Firstly, enable the "Register from Case List" add-on from the application settings page, if its not yet enabled. 

  1. Access the application settings page by clicking on the gear icon on the top-left pane of your application. 

  2. On the settings page, select the Add-ons tab, then select the button with three-lines in the upper right hand corner and make sure the Mobile Experience is checked.

  3. Scroll down to the Mobile Experience block and select the Register from case list checkbox and hit save.

Choose the menu you want to configure

From the Registration Form Accessible from Case List dropdown, select the relevant registration form

Note: The form can be in any other menu in the same application, as long as it is the same case type. The form cannot be in the same menu as the menu that you are configuring with Registration from Case List.

Example app setup with register from case list:

"Register new CCFLS case" is the form that is accessible from the case list of "CCFLS register". The menu filter on "Register CCFLS" is set to "false()" so that registration is only possible through the case list. The settings are set up in the case management tab of "CCFLS register". 


Change the label, end of registration action and icon/audio if desired

The label is what will show up on the mobile as the option to jump to the registration form.


  • The minimize duplicates setting cannot be used for menus that have any of the following:

    • Parent/Child Case Selection turned on.

    • Menu Mode is configured as "Display menu and then forms"

  • Minimize duplicates only works only on CommCare version 2.20 or higher

  • Minimize duplicates will override end of form navigation setup for that form. You should leave it set to * Home Screen and should instead control the end of form action in the Advanced settings as shown on the screenshot above.