Undo-ing Case Imports (and other system actions)

"Oh no! I performed a huge case import, but now I need to roll them back. What do I do?"

Does this sound like something you've said before? Sometimes, we need to roll back system changes that we've made, whether they were done by accident or incorrectly. Thankfully, CommCare allows you to find most of these forms and roll them back by "archiving" these actions.

Warning! Do not rely on this feature as an integral part of your project workflow.

The below directions are only for users who need a last resort method for undo-ing system actions!

Finding System Forms:

  • Navigate to your "Manage Forms" feature

  • Set the following filters

    • Users: "admin", "web users", "unknown users"

      • For case imports specifically you can select "web users" only

    • Check the box for "Show Advanced Options"

    • Check the option for "Unknown Forms"

    • Leave the "Choose Unknown Form" selection as "Show All Unknown Forms"

  • Set the dates when you think the system actions took place

  • Set the Archived/Restored filter to "Normal Forms"

  • Find all the forms in the results section which are "System Forms"

  • You can open and review these forms to identify whether these are the system actions you are looking for.