Inspect Data

CommCareHQ allows you to inspect your data to gain a deeper understanding of the information you've collected. This article reviews the tools available to conduct data inspection.

To begin, go to your CommCareHQ project space, select the Reports tab at the top of page, and locate the "Inspect Data" header on the left-hand side.

Submit History

This tool provides you a list of form submissions and allow you to inspect each form submission.

  • View form: click on this link to see every data point collected in this particular form. 

  • Username: this shows the user that submitted this form.  NOTE: (unregistered) indicates the "user registration" form submitted by CommCare when a new user is registered.

  • Submit time: displays the submit time in GMT. 

  • Form: displays the form name.

Purpose: This tool allows the data manager to inspect the data in greater detail using this user-friendly interface.  This tool is especially helpful if the data manager wants but generally it is easier to use the data export to look at the forms in greater depth.

For more information see Submit History.

Case List

This tool provides a list of all of the cases (clients) ever opened during this project.  A specific user's or group's cases can be displayed typing the name of one or more users or groups into the "Groups or Users" box in the filter. You can also type in "All Data" to view all cases regardless of case ownership.

  • Name: the name of the case (client).  By clicking on the link, more details of the patient can be seen.

  • User: this is the name of the mobile worker that registered this case. 

  • Created date: the date when the mobile worker registered this case.

  • Modified date: the date when the mobile worker last filled out a form regarding this case.

  • Status: displays if the case is currently "open" or "closed".  A case is "closed" if the mobile worker-case interaction has been completed (e.g. a pregnant women has given birth and no longer requires follow-up visits).

To search the case list, you can use the following format in the "Search" box:

  • use AND and OR to join search terms.  Example:  "ian OR seema"

  • use "is:" before open or closed, and "modified:" for the modified date and "opened" for the created date.  Put a star after the date if you do not have the exact timestamp.  Example: "ian AND is:open AND modified:2011-10-01*"

  • use TO in between date ranges.  Must be capitalized.  Example: "ian AND is:open AND opened:[2011-10-01 TO 2011-12-01]"

Purpose: This tool allows the data manager to get an in-depth view of the current cases (clients) that are part of this program.  This tool is helpful when the case manager wants to inspect a certain mobile worker's client list or even a certain client.