CommCare Messaging Exports

There are two ways of exporting Messaging data via CommCareHQ:

  • Form Submissions - the record of all SMS survey data

  • SMS Export - the record of all SMS messages sent and received

To view your SMS data, choose Export SMS in the Data Tab.

Also visit CommCare Messaging Reports

Form Submissions

Form submissions consist of SMS survey responses/data and are available through the standard CommCareHQ data interface. You can view these in several places:

  • Submit History - shows the most recent form submissions

  • Export Form Submissions to Excel - allows you to choose a specific form and export all of the submissions against that form for a particular date range

For either of these sources, if you are looking at surveys filled out by the case (as opposed to the "user") you will need to chose "Unknown Users" in the Report Filter.

If you are exporting results of an SMS Survey using a form export, go to the Show Advanced Questions option in the Export set-up, and select the property Partial Submission.

If a Survey was started but not completed, the field partial_submission will show TRUE.

SMS Export 

A fast way to download the data normally found in the Message Log. Quickly set a date filter, and review it in Excel. 

Has the same export format as the Message Log, but is more scalable for large projects

Click here to learn more about the Message Log


The export is available as a .zip file. It is not possible to edit the column contents.