Application Profiles

Application profiles let you control which languages (and any multimedia for these languages) are installed on a phone.  You can create multiple application profiles for your application that allow you to install different languages to different phones.   Future application updates will also only download multimedia and text for the application profile originally installed on the phone.  Application profiles can reduce the installation size for applications that support a large number of languages or regions.  

Creating Application Profiles

At the top of the left hand side of the project space, click on the title of the project you are working on to see the main project page. On the project page for your application, you will see two tabs - "Versions" and "Application Profiles." Use the "Application Profiles" tab to create new profiles.  For a given profile, specify the name, which languages you want to install on the phone, and the default language.  


Installing An Application Using a Profile

Once you have defined an application profile and saved, you can choose which profile to use when installing an application. You will select from profiles you created in the drop menu labeled "Application Profile" 

Note: You must create a new version of the application and refresh the page in order to use any new application profiles.