Assigning Lookup Table Rows to a Location

Lookup Table Documentation

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Lookup table rows can be assigned to a location by editing the excel upload. This will allow all mobile workers assigned to that location and mobile workers at any child locations to view that lookup table data. This makes it easier to assign specific data to a region or group of mobile workers.

To assign a lookup table row to a location, add a column titled location 1 (or location 2, location 3, etc. if you want to assign multiple locations to a row). This column must be added on the Table ID tab of the upload. Likely, the Table ID tab will be second on the spreadsheet if it was originally created using the Download Lookup Tables feature.


Next, enter the name of the location or the site code. Since location names can sometimes conflict, the site code will ensure that the lookup table row is correctly assigned.  If you use a location name that results in duplicates, you will get a warning after importing the lookup table.