Assigning Cases to Locations When Using the Excel Importer

Importing Cases from Excel

For more details on importing cases from Excel please see

Using the Owner Name

When importing cases using the bulk uploader, you can assign them to a location using an owner_name column.  In the owner_name column, you can list the name of the location or the site code for the location.  The importer will first check for mobile worker names and groups for matches before trying to match to locations.  

  • If you have location names that conflict in your project, you can also use the site code to ensure the cases are assigned to the correct owner.    

Using Owner ID

You can also directly use the ID of the location when importing cases to assign cases to that location.  You can put the ID in a column called owner_id in your Excel sheet. To find the ID of a location, navigate to the locations page:<domain>/settings/locations/import/ and click on "Download Organization Structure". When you download your locations, there will be a "location_id" column, which will contain the location ID against each location.

You can also find the location ID of your location by clicking on "Edit" and looking at the URL in your browser. The last portion of the URL is the location ID. For example:[your_domain]/settings/locations/ddc5de8aedb66637cc96ab25d6fb9e2c/. In this URL, the last part: ddc5de8aedb66637cc96ab25d6fb9e2c is the location ID.