Control Application Version During Updates

NOTE: This page discusses how to control the version of a CommCare app that is requested when conducting an app update. For an overview of app updates in CommCare, see How to Update CommCare Application Content

What are my options?

By default, app updates in CommCare will retrieve the latest starred version of your app on HQ. However, there are 2 alternatives to this behavior that are available:

  1. "Latest version" (available starting in CommCare 2.30) --  This setting will tell CommCare to retrieve the most recent build of an app, even if it is un-starred.

  2. "Latest saved state" (available starting in CommCare 2.34) – This setting will tell CommCare to retrieve the current working state of your app, even if no build has been created for it yet. 

The update target setting is configured on a per-app, per-device basis, with the goal of allowing app builders and other project admins to use one of these alternative settings, while leaving normal CommCare users on the default setting, so that they only receive starred app versions.

How can I configure my update target?

In CommCare 2.30 to CommCare 2.33: Navigate to the main settings menu and select "Enable Updating to Un-Starred Builds". From there, selecting "Enabled" will set your update target to "Latest build", while selecting "Disabled" will set your update target to the default of the latest starred version.

In CommCare 2.34 and above: There are 2 locations in CommCare where you can set your app's update target: either from the main Settings screen of the app (the same place where the "Enable Updating to Un-Starred Builds" setting used to be), or from the options menu of the Update screen. Screenshots of both locations can be seen below.

**IMPORTANT: In CommCare 2.36 and above – In order for the "Update Options" item to be visible in these 2 locations, you must first take the following steps:

  1. Enable Developer Options on your device (instructions for doing so can be found here).

  2. Select the "Show Update Options Item" setting, and then choose "Enabled"

From the settings screen:

From the update screen: