CommCare Java/J2ME/Nokia Download- simplified instructions

  1. From the application deploy page, click Deploy on the latest build and select Send to Java Phone. Download both the .jar and .jad files
  2. Once downloaded, change the names of each file so that the names are the same: CommCare.jad and CommCare.jar, notCommCare (1).jar and CommCare.jad
  3. Copy the files to the SD card.
    1. If you are installing through an SD card reader, remove the SD card from the phone and insert the SD card into the computer. The SD card will show up as a hard drive under This PC or My Computer. Drag both files to the SD Card. Insert the SD card back into the phone. 
    2. If you are installing through a USB cable, plug the cable into the phone and the computer. The phone will show up asNokia -> Phone memory under This PC or My Computer. Drag the files directly to Phone memory.
  4. On the phone, open Apps -> Memory Card. Select the app, open Options -> Copy -> Collection (or wherever CommCare was previously stored)
  5. Set phone to October 31st, 2014 (Settings -> Date and time -> Date & time settings)
  6. Open Apps -> Collection -> CommCare and follow prompts to install and restore from server. 
  7. Once installed, you may reset your phone to the correct date and time.  

Note: In order for this process to work correctly, Nokia phones permissions need to be set first.
 You can configure the phone to always allow (or any other level of permission) these actions in order to make the application run more smoothly.
Ensure that the application (not the multimedia folder) has been moved to the Games or Collections folder (on the phone's local memory) and not the Memory Card. The phone must be turned off and on after the app is moved/copied onto the phone's memory.
Set the application's access to the phone's resources. Select the application, click on the left options key for options. Select Application Access. Configure the three permissions outlined below:
>CommCare>Options>Application access
Communication->Network access->Always allowed->Yes
Communication->Connectivity->Always allowed-Yes
Data access->Read user data->Always allowed->Accept
Data access->Add and edit user data->Always allowed