Pre Training Assessment (PTA) and Post Training Evaluation (PTE)

Directions on how to implement the standard CommCare Pre Training Assessment and Post Training Evaluation


The PTA is a short assessment of 14 mostly Yes/No questions. The PTA is administered at the very start of the user training or even before the user training. The goal of the PTA is to assess what level the users are at as a group, as well as individually. The trainers can prepare for the training accordingly and identify who needs more attention and help, and which users could potentially be helping fellow users. Furthermore, results can be used by the data team to analyze correlation between starter level and CommCare uptake/adoption.

As most users start to learn on the first day how to navigate a phone, the PTA is taken on paper and entered later on the phone by either FM, supervisor/trainer, or user itself after getting comfortable with the phone.

Part 1. Paper based PTA

  1. Download the PreTrainingAssessment.doc, for the French version: fr_PreTrainingAssessment.doc.

  2. Print enough for all users (print 1 or 2 extra)

  3. Ask users to fill out individually and collect PTAs

  4. Write on every PTA what the CommCare username is for the user

Part 2. Enter PTA data through the CommCare app

To enter this data into the system, you'll need to enter it into the app. 

  1. Follow instructions from part 1 to 3 of the PTE below for copy/pasting the form into your domain. 

  2. Decide if users will fill out their own PTA at the end of the training from paper or if supervisor/trainer or FM is doing that. 

 **Remember to login as the user who took the test each time!**

Part 3. Discuss the results with the partner or trainers

With the paper or electronic results, discuss the findings with the partner team. Identify if any trainees will need extra support, and if so, how to provide it. You can also identify the level that the group is at and if you need to readjust plans for the overall schedule. (speed of sessions, more coverage on certain topics, etc).


The PTE consists of 14 questions to evaluate the training and app as well as 8 phone/app knowledge questions. The PTE is administered at the end of the user training. The goal of the PTE is to evaluate the training and identifies to trainers which part should be more focussed on. It is recommended to prime users that the goal is to evaluate the training and trainers and not the individual users! Results can be used by the data team as well on aggregate level.

The PTE is taken directly on the phone through the app.


Part 1. Copy the PTE 

  1. Download "version 1 of PTA and PTE" from the CommCare Exchange (Dimagi Staff: Go to the trainingsurveys project space)

  2. Click on the form “Post Training Evaluation”

  3. Go to “Advanced”

  4. Download the XForm

  5. Go to “Multimedia”

  6. Click on “Download ZIP”

Part 2. Paste the PTE into your app

  1. Go to the domain of your own application

  2. Click on the ‘+’ to add a Module

  3. Name the module "PTA PTE" for example

  4. Click on the ‘+’ to add a Form

  5. Name the form “Post Training Evaluation” and hit “Save”

  6. Go to “Advanced”

  7. Upload the XForm that you just downloaded

  8. Go to “Multimedia”

  9. Click on “Multimedia Reference Checker”

  10. Click on “Go to Bulk Upload”

  11. Click “Select Files”

  12. Select the MM file that you downloaded in part I above and click “Begin Upload”

  13. Go do some burpees, it might take a while

  14. Optional: Add a language/translations in case the users don’t understand any of the existing translations in the app (current translations are English, French, and Nyanja - for the Exchange only English)

  15. Deploy a new build and download it on to the phones

  16. Note: If you're using Android, make sure that images are the right size in the app: 1. click on your application, 2. click 'settings', 3. click 'Android Settings', 4. set Auto-resize images to *None, 5. Deploy a new build, 6. Re-install the app (updating the app will not resize the image)

Let all users submit their PTE and check through the form export or submission by form report if everyone did so.

Part 3. Hide PTE from your app


  1. Make sure you have module filtering set to 'on' under feature preview. Go to your project settings (click the orange button in the top right that has your project space name)

  2. Go to "Feature Previews"

  3. Tick the box for "module filtering"

  4. Go back to your application in the application builder

  5. Click on the "PTA PTE" module

  6. In 'settings' set module filter to 'false()'

  7. Deploy a new version with the comment that this version has PTA PTE module hidden to mobile users

  8. Note: you can unhide the module anytime in case you want to use it again, just remove the 'false()' from step 6 

Part 4. Review results and discuss with the partner

After training, either before you've left site or upon your first check-in call, discuss the results of the PTE. Highlight individuals who may need extra support and any overall trends for the group's uptake of the app. Walk the partner through any potential plans for addressing needs in the coming months.