Implementation Plans

This page provides project planning tools for CommCare projects. Using our deep experience in CommCare and ICT implementations, these tools will help implementers better understand and plan for a CommCare project. 

Project Roles

When Dimagi works on a project, we find it useful to think of people involved in the project as having certain roles.  Here are the roles that will be required for an average project, keeping in mind that one person could have many of these roles:

  • Project Manager (PM): Oversees the entire execution of the CommCare project. Sample description: Project Coordinator Description

  • Mobile User: uses the phones to collect data

  • Project Coordinator (PC): Will manage and supervise users on the CommCare HQ website

  • App Manager (AM): Will make updates to the application and create new versions

  • M&E Officer: Will use data from CommCareHQ

  • Technical Officer (TO): Managing the phones, working out any technical issues.

  • Trainer: leads the training along with the Dimagi team 

If your CommCare project is being executed with field support from Dimagi, a Field Manager (FM) will be on site to assist during the implementation and to work with the rest of the projet team to build their capacity.

Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan provides a generic implementation timeline we recommend based on our previous experience with CommCare projects. Available in both 6 month or 12 month project lengths, this plan provides specific tasks, actors, and task "due by" dates needed to successfully implement CommCare. This tool is only a starting point and can be adjusted or tailored to fit your specific project requirements. 

Dimagi has also developed 6 Month and 12 Month CommCare Implementation Plans (word doc format).

Below is a generic implementation plan for a project that will be scaling.

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