Tabs on Case Detail Screen

Feature Overview

The following document will show you to add tabs to your Case Details page. You can use this feature to organize or categorize case properties that are displayed to the user in the case details page.


To add tabs to the case detail page, use the following instructions:

1) Proceed to your application on CommCareHQ.

 2) Proceed to the menu settings page for the case detail screen that you would like to add tabs to.

3) Select the Case Details tab.

4) At the bottom of the Case Details screen, you should now see the button, ‘Add Tab’

5) Selecting the ‘Add Tab’ button will insert a new field at the top of the case details property list.

  • Note: You will need to select this button for each tab you would like to add. If you want to have 2 tabs on the case detail page, you will need to select this button twice.

6) Enter a name for the tabs in the field.

7) Drag and drop the ‘Tab’ fields to organize the case details page. The 'Tab' fields have the option to set a Display condition which can be used to  display tabs using specific logic such as process stage. Properties should be placed underneath the tab you would like them displayed on.

8) Save and Deploy a new version.

Now when you deploy the application, the case details page will look as follows: