Keywords Tutorial - Setup the HELP Keyword

We'll now setup a basic keyword that data collectors can use to indicate they need some help or support.  This will trigger a message that will go to their supervisor indicating that the user needs some help. 

  1. To setup the data collection keyword, go the Messaging tab, then on the left side choose Keywords.  Then click on the + Add Keyword button.  

  2. We'll now configure the basics of the keyword. We need to provide the keyword, description and indicate what needs to happen when the keyword is sent in. 

    • Keyword: This is the word that the user must send into the system to trigger the keyword.  For this tutorial, we'll use the keyword HELP

    • Description: A quick description for what the keyword does.  For this tutorial, we can set the description to "Allows a data collector to request help from a supervisor". 

    • Send to Sender: This will indicate how you respond to the sender of the keyword.  You can respond with either an SMS survey or just a message.  For this tutorial we'll just respond with a message. 

    • Message: The message to respond with to the sender.  Our message for this tutorial will be "Thanks for the message. We'll let your supervisor know."

    • Notify Another Person: This lets you send a message to another person when this keyword is sent in.  We want to send an SMS message to the case's owner (the data collector's supervisor).  The message for this tutorial will be "{} has requested support. Please contact them." The {} syntax will allow us to use the data collector's name in the message.  

  3. In the advanced options, we'll need to restrict the keyword for usage to only cases (since it will only be useful for data collectors). 

We'll now setup a reminder that will go to supervisors (the case owner) if the data collector does not report their activity for a day.