ICT for Development Community

CommCare can be used in lots of different ways, but many projects use it as an tool in development, particularly mobile health. ("mHealth"). There is a dynamic community of practice in this field. In this page we provide some general resources for more information about the use of mobile technology for health and the broader development community.

Mailing Lists/Groups

  • ICT4CHW (information and communications technology for community health workers) listserv: Sign up for interesting report-outs by people working in the information communication technology sphere for community health workers

  • mHealth listserv: Join the mHealth listserv for great mHealth updates, and make sure to check out the mHealth working group for other interesting opportunities. 

  • CommCare Forum: Sign up for updates and announcements from Dimagi about CommCare and active discussions from a global community of CommCare users.

Keeping up to date

  • Center for Global Development: you can subscribe to a number of publications, particularly recommended is their weekly reading list

  • Global Health Delivery: join their community and receive publications

  • Public Library of Science (PLoS): one of the widely-respected Open Access journal organizations (scholarly articles)

  • Science and Development Network (Scidev.net): Open Access news organization for the latest information on science and development in the developing world

  • Bulletin of the WHO: monthly journal with a focus on developing countries

  • Change at University of Washington: group exploring the use of technology in underserved regions

  • Leapfrog.io: a hacker-news style resource for news in the ICT4D space.

  • Public Health Acronyms: a guide for many terms used in the public health field

  • ICTworks: a great resource for dissemination of new resources and for interesting discussion on ICT4D. Has a newsletter which comes out a few times a week.


Mobile Data Collection Resources


mHealth Resources

  • mHealth Planning Guide - Guide to help planning and implementation of an mHealth project

  • ORB - library of resources developed for Frontline Workers