Keywords Tutorial - Setup a Reminder Alert for Missed Data Collection


This reminder will be configured to go out in the evening if the user does not report data for the day.  The reminder will be sent the day after the last_reported_date.  Since the last_reported_date is updated whenever daily activity is reported, if the user does not report their activity, this will cause the reminder to be sent out on that day (since last_reported_date will be yesterday).  

  1. To setup a reminder, go to the Messaging tab, then in the left side bar choose Reminders.  Then click on the + Add Reminder button.  

  2. We'll now configure when the reminder will be sent.  Give the reminder a name (ex. Missed Report Alert) and scroll down to the Start section. 

    • Send for Case Type: This controls which case type will cause the reminder to send.  Choose data_reporter from the dropdown list.  

    • Send Reminder For: This can be used to choose which cases will cause the reminder to send.  We want the message to be sent to All Cases

    • Day of Reminder: You can also control date and the reminder will be sent.  For this reminder, we want it to be sent based on a Date In Case.  Choose the last_reported_date and send the reminder after the date by 1 day. 

    • Time of Day: We'll send this reminder in the evening at 7pm, so choose At a Specific Time and 19:00

  3. The next step is to choose who will receive a reminder.  There are a number of options (the case, the case's owner, or a specific mobile worker group).  We want this reminder to go to the case's owner (the supervisor). 

  4. We can now specify the message content to send.  Choose the SMS send option and provide the message to send.  For this reminder, we can set the message to "{} did not report data today.  Please check in with them."  The {} will refer to the name of the case (the data collector) in the message. 

  5. This reminder doesn't need to Repeat and we don't need any of the advanced options, so we can just go ahead and choose Create Reminder button. 


Our system is now setup, so we can now test the messages and reminders.