CommCare ODK will not Send Forms to Server

Issue Summary

We have recently encountered a few instances where one device or user on a domain is not able to send forms to the server despite a seemingly strong internet connection. This issue often manifests with the error message "Having issues communicating with the server to send forms. Will try again later" on the home screen.

Diagnosing the Problem

Please follow the instructions found here to report this issue. This is important both so that we can examine your particular case for possible solutions and so that we can increase our understanding of the problem.

Immediate Solutions

Unfortunately this is often the result of SSL certificate errors, firewalls, or other issues that we have trouble diagnosing and fixing. We are looking into this error in depth, but in the meantime there are two quick solutions. The first involves using Wi-Fi Direct to transfer your forms to another device; the other involves using SD Card transfer to accomplish the same end. Wi-Fi Direct is only available on newer models, while SD Card transfer should be usable for most devices. Please follow the links above to see instructions on using these features. The forms you send via these methods will appear the same on the server as if they had been submitted by the original device.