20 Step Phone Set-up Process

Over time we've been able to summarize the CommCare application set-up process for feature phones to 20 steps. It is important to follow these in exactly the right order!

Preparation (Steps 1-7)

—1. Phones is fully charged

—2. Phone is labeled correctly.  Inside and outside label.

—3. Phone has SIM and SD card available.

—4. Set up Internet Connectivity

—5. Set up GPRS settings

—6. Set correct date/time

—7. Install Media folder into the SD card (helpful if media is large)

User Friendly Steps (Steps 8-12)

(also see Basic Nokia Phone Settings)

—8. Phone Volume to Maximum

—9. Undo Text Predictions

—10. Set writing language to appropriate language

—11. Set phone language to appropriate language

—12. Main Screen blank (remove unnecessary shortcuts)

Application Function (Steps 13-20)

—13. Install Application

—14. Move Application to Games Folder, Turn phone Off and On.

—15. Set permission for the application.

—16. Test Network Connectivity

—17. Restore User

—18. Register in ‘Do not Disturb’ list if relevant

—19. Opt in to Dimagi Gateway if you want to recieve text messages from Dimagi

—20. Create Shortcut