Exporting Pre-Configured Reports to Excel

You can export the worker monitoring reports available on CommCareHQ to Excel in order to better monitor your users performance and activities. These reports provide information on the users, their case activities, daily form submissions and completions which can be used to monitor workers. The data contained in these reports can be exported to excel with the click of a button, in order to facilitate your analysis.

  • Click on Reports on the top menu bar or in the dashboard

  • Select the Report you are interested in viewing from the menu bar on the left.

  • Simply click on the export button.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 7.33.28 AM.png

After clicking on the Export to Excel tab, CommCare will export the data from HQ to an excel sheet on your computer.

You can export data to excel in the following reports:

  • Case Activity

  • Submissions by Form

  • Daily Form Submissions

  • Daily Form Completions

  • Form Completion Time

For example, you can sort your users by different indicators, or you can combine two or matrices, like number of form submissions and time per visit to a client, to create a scorecard for your users. You can use this feature to isolate the higher/lower performing users, manage active and inactive cases, or perform calculations to summarize the performance of your workers by groups or at the aggregate level.

You can also export bulk raw data by creating exports for the specific variables that you want to see. For more information on raw data and custom exports see https://dimagi.atlassian.net/wiki/x/9STKfw