CommCare Enterprise Offering

This section provides a high-level overview of some of the benefits that CommCare Enterprise partners receive.

Enterprise Console 

The Enterprise Console contains useful administrative dashboard and enterprise configurations. It offers unique capabilities for your organization:

  • Optimize user administration.

  • Manage billing for the entire organization from one page. 

  • Evaluate CommCare usage across all programs and regions. 

  • Standardize reporting across all project spaces. 

  • Control who can create new project spaces.

  • Download detailed report to see number of SMS per project space and break it down further by per unit cost.

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Single Sign On for Web Users 

Adhere to your internal authentication policies for enterprise-grade security. SSO is essential to large organizations, because it allows efficient identity management, reduces IT support costs, and facilitates regulatory compliance throughout the organization. 

You can

Enterprise Release Management

Push apps and other content from one project space to the other to unlock powerful workflows. Establish separate development, testing and production environments for complex solutions that are updated often and require rigorous testing. Deploy standardized M&E and Service Delivery solutions to all your country teams with a click of a button. 

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