CommCare Fundamentals

CommCare Fundamentals now available on Dimagi Academy

The material covered on CommCare Fundamentals is now available as a short course on Dimagi Academy.


Welcome to CommCare Fundamentals- an overview of what CommCare is and how it works!

If you are new to CommCare, this is a great place to start.

CommCare Fundamentals Course Goal

CommCare Fundamentals will provide:

  • an introduction to the key terms associated with CommCare

  • a general overview of how the CommCare platform works

  • basic context which is relevant for anyone involved in a CommCare project.


The learning objectives covered in CommCare Fundamentals are recommended or required for everyone working on a CommCare project.


Review each of the following sections to learn more about the main features and principles of CommCare:

  1. CommCare Overview

  2. CommCare Structure

  3. Case Management

  4. Data in CommCare

  5. Mobile and Web Users

  6. Project Roles and Implementation

It is critical that you understand all of the material in these sections before going on to other CommCare tutorials.


Next Steps

After completing CommCare Fundamentals we recommend you do the following:

CommCare Fundamentals Test: Visit this page to learn more about the CommCare Fundamentals test.

App Building: Once you've completed CommCare Fundamentals, you're ready to get started with CommCare app building!


CommCare Fundamentals - last revised 24 October 2014