Upgrading to the Latest Mobile Version

This page provides an overview of how to update to the newest CommCare version. To learn how to update your CommCare application, please visit https://dimagi.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/commcarepublic/pages/2143957871.

Updating CommCare Software for Android Smartphones

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of CommCare whenever possible.


Android phones will upgrade to the new version automatically if the "update automatically" checkbox is selected in the Google Play store.  If your CommCare application is not automatically updating to the latest version, find the CommCare application in the google play store/marketplace and click on "update."

It is not necessary to update the CommCare version on HQ under Application Settings- just leave it in its default state unless advised differently by a Dimagi engineer.

Should I choose "automatically update" in the Play Store?

In general it can be helpful to have your application set to automatically update because in each new version there are a series of bug fixes which improve the stability of CommCare. If your project is in an area with fairly good network coverage where everyone is using their phones regularly, then it is advisable to opt for automatic updating.