COVID-19 Community Messaging: CommunityPulse

CommunityPulse Demo Video (please click image below)

Dimagi is a software social enterprise based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is one of the world’s largest providers of technology for frontline health workers. Our open source technology platform, CommCare, is the world’s most widely-used mobile data collection and service delivery platform. CommCare was designed as an ‘offline first’ mobile application and is optimized for offline use cases at scale.

About CommunityPulse 

By partnering with and WhatsApp, Dimagi has created a fully automated SMS/WhatsApp based daily screening and tracking solution that employs our powerful system, CommCare, for case management. CommCare ensures all patients’ symptoms are stored over time, which allows frontline healthcare workers to organize and prioritize patients based on severity of symptoms, while tracking when and where the outbreak has spread.

System Features and Demo

System Features and Demo

SMS / WhatsApp Daily Follow-up: SMS/WhatsApp is a widely used global tool. By enabling 100% of the FLW & Patient communication to occur over WhatsApp (or SMS), we’re eliminating the hurdle of downloading a new application.

Case Management: Case Management is an imperative when conducting frontline healthcare work. It ensures patient data is stored longitudinally, giving the healthcare system data points over time across the population.

Self-Assessments for All Patients: By tracking all patient’s symptoms daily, we can save healthcare worker’s time by alerting them to follow up with patients who are symptomatic or high risk.

Encouragement, Tracking, Reporting: We send encouraging daily messages to patients reminding them to wash hands, keep distance, stay home, all while requesting updated of where they have moved and how they are affecting others.

You can see a full presentation of the CommunityPulse system. For information about the original design, please see this public concept note.

System Presentations

System Presentations

Community Monitoring

An SMS/WhatsApp Based solution for community based monitoring, daily tracking, frontline follow up and case management of COVID19 symptoms. Click the image below to learn more.

Community Monitoring + Self-Registration

Dimagi leverages messaging to enable community members to keep themselves informed and directly register and monitor themselves daily via messaging. Click the image below to learn more.

Deploying the System

Dimagi staff are available to help partners customize and implement existing templates applications, as well as other CommCare or related technologies. CommCare software can be designed, developed and deployed by non-developers through an easy-to-use interface. Dimagi has the ability in the short-term to provide in-kind implementation support for partners who do not have funds available to support deployment of this system as we seek additional funding to meet the growing demand.

Please Contact Dimagi if you are interested in learning about this or other offerings