RDToolkit: Signing up for Pre-Releases

If you are participating in the development of the Rapid Diagnostic Toolkit, you may need access to pre-release versions of the application before they are finalized. 

To do so, you will need to enroll your Google Account in the Testing Program on the Google Play store. You can do this from a web browser if your account is shared between your phone and the browser login, or you can follow that link from the mobile device and enroll directly from your phone.

After enrolling, you will automatically see the beta version in the Play Store available for downloads.

Checking beta testing enrollment

To check if your account is in the testing program, you should see that indicated when you navigate on your device to the Google Play Store

If you do not see the prompt that you are a beta tester, you may need to change your active account on the play store to match the account where you signed up as a beta tester.

Checking app versions

If a new pre-release is made available it will have a version number communicated, you can check whether you see the up-to-date version on the play store by checking the version number in the store listing.