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The Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit Android App is designed to be directly downloaded from the Android App Play Store where the latest version will be available. 

Using the Toolkit within other Android Apps

The Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit is intended to be used alongside digital health systems like CommCare, or the Community Health Toolkit which have existing Android applications, and will be integrating RDT data as part of Point of Care service delivery (health visits, disease management campaigns, etc.). 

This application can be set up either together with a CommCare application or use the system APIs to integrate with any other mobile collection platforms.

Technical Documentation on using the Toolkit in your application can be found in the RDToolkit Open Source GitHub repository

Toolkit Settings


Application Language

Multiple languages are supported. For more on this see here

Enable network power limit

If turned on, it means that the app won't push the captured images to the CloudWorks backend when the device's battery is low

Configure timer notification

This takes you to the Android settings for this App

Reset disclaimers

When launching the app for the first time, there are a number of disclaimer messages. Once these messages are dismissed they won't show up again unless you use this option to reset disclaimers.

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