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Who is responsible if something happens to the phone?


Type of PolicyDescription in TheoryIn Practice
Mobile User Entirely ResponsibleMobile user pays for the full cost of replacing the phone.The organization might say this is the policy but understanding that mobile users do not have a lot of money and they are invested in the project, might actually end up coming to an alternative arrangement for phone replacement. For example: Organization covers full cost, or splits the cost with the mobile user.
Organization and Mobile User Shared ResponsibilityCost of replacing the phone is shared between the organization and the mobile worker. This could be a 50/50 or other split ratio.  
Mobile User Group ResponsibilityMobile user pays for some portion of replacing the phone. The group of mobile users pool money to fund the remaining cost. This shared cost model might only work if mobile users are invested in the project themselves or have huge buy-in. Have seen this done by Sewa Rural (non-CommCare users) in Gujarat. Usually have to plan this in advance in your program if you want it to work. 
Community ResponsibilityThe communities the mobile users work in contribute to the replacement costSimilar to above, need to plan this into your program in advance. Communities need to be invested in your program and have buy-in.
Mobile User, Organization, Community Shared ResponsibilityMobile users pay for a third, the organization pays for a third, and the village committee supporting the mobile user paying for a third. (This village committee would also be involved in other aspects of the program e.g. managing a pool of money used to fund ambulance rides and such, as well). 


Rates of Phone Damage/Loss


Many examples are attached. In addition you can see examples from India and Tanzania.

File NameCountryLanguageDescription
CHW Contract - IndiaIndiaEnglishSimple agreement to sign. Main text:

"I receive the Nokia 2730 phone along with the charger for the use of protocols on the field and will return it back after completion of the pilot project. I take the responsibility of the proper use of the phone and charger for the time period of the pilot."

CHW Contract - India (Hindi)IndiaHindiSame as above, in Hindi
CHW Contract - TanzaniaTanzaniaEnglishMore detailed agreement outlining rules for ownership, usage, maintenance/credit, and what to do about lost/stolen/broken phones
Contract with the ASHAs_sampleIndiaEnglishSimilar to above but tailored for ASHAs in India
Entrega del telefonoNicaraguaSpanishSimilar to the "CHW Contract - India" file but in Spanish
Final Contract for CHEW telephone - PI NigeriaNigeriaEnglishSimilar to "CHW Contract - Tanzania"