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titleThis feature requires a CommCare Software Plan

This feature (Deprecate Case Types) will only be available to CommCare users with Advanced Plan or higher. For more details, see the CommCare Software Plan page.


About the Case Type and Case Property Deprecation

You can deprecate case types or case properties using the Data Dictionary. This is useful for when you don't want to delete historical case types or case properties but you wish to hide them. A deprecated case will no longer be selectable as a filter in the reporting filtering menu, and will not be a case type filter option for case exports/imports. Furthermore, a deprecated case type will not be available as a case type filter for functionalities under the EDIT DATA sub menu. Deprecated case properties will no longer be available in the data export unless if you select to view them. These options can become useful when an application case structure has grown to a point where it has become difficult to manage.